personal Re-program

The personal program at The22 takes into consideration our members’ fitness, postural, mental and lifestyle goals. Our program goes beyond personal training and blends fitness classes with yoga, massages, prescribed time in nature and other lifestyle factors that we believe can help members reach their goals.

The light personal re-program is a one off-report, providing suggestions to our member on what classes to take and what therapies we recommend. We also offer deeper analysis through a consultation with our Ayurvedic Specialist who can maintain an ongoing relationship and information on best practices and herbs to support members reaching their goals.

How it Works



We learn about your wellness goals, not only asking you about your physical body but enquiring about lifestyle habits



We will prepare our preliminary report for you, offering recommendations on what exercise, yoga, and lifestyle factors we believe will help you reach your goals



Begin our recommended strategy laid out to you in your personal report


Engage with our Ayurvedic specialist

Go deeper and book a consultation with our ayurvedic specialist who will look at different physical and energetic factors that could be inhibiting you from feeling well or reaching your wellness goals.


Inter-related therapies

Through massage, yoga and other wellness rituals, begin to see the positive changes in your body and mind.



We want to be with you every step of the way. Once you implement the full Personal Re-program strategy, meet with us again to let us know how you are progressing. We can adjust the plan as needed or keep it as is.

To learn more, please get in touch
To learn more, please get in touch

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